The Rise of An Illustrator: The Story Of Karan Singh

Someone who never really knew what he wanted to do when he grew up but was sure of only one thing; he liked animation and design. From being clueless about his career to being an artist and illustrator whose clientele are some of the leading brands in the world, the journey of Karan Singh as an artist and illustrator is simply inspiring.

When he was a Design Computing student at the University of Sydney, he was quite unsure of what job he would land after the completion of the course. But life has taken him places which he never imagined. Today, some of the leading companies in the world are his clients. It was only during his last year of university education he found his love for illustration. He then started doing illustrations in his free time and published his work online.

For Karan Singh, the first real job he got as soon as he graduated from the university was at Qube Konstrukt, a design studio where he worked as a graphic designer/illustrator. Working there he realized that what matters the most than a degree is the actual work one does.

From childhood, Karan Singh had an interest in art and design. As a kid, he enjoyed making stuff. But art wasn’t the only thing he was interested in when he was a kid. Computer and Technology were also his fascinations. For an artist developing a personal style is very important. That is what makes him different from other artists out there. As an illustrator, Karan developed his personal style through a project that he did at the end of the day and through this he learned to tell stories in a simple way through his designs.

Karan considers Parra, a Dutch illustrator, painter and animator as his all-time favorite artist. He was really moved by the sense of style and the simplicity of Parra’s works. His exhibition ‘Confine’ evolved from two major situations in his life, situations where he felt confined. This is why his works are represented by geometric shapes that are confined in a rectangular space in different compositions.

There is more to Karan Singh as an illustrator and artist. In an interview with designboom, he explained about his journey to an artist.

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