10 Must Follow Pinterest Accounts On Digital Art

If you are a talented artist and you have what it takes to rock the world of digital art, not letting the people know of your talent is a complete waste. In this digital age, it has become imperative that you showcase your talent to a large audience and what better platform than social media. Artists all over the world have realized the potential of Social Media, and it is used to promote their works. It is not just a platform for artists to popularise their skills but one such place where others can seek inspiration.

Pinterest is one of the most popular places where artists turn to for a daily dose of inspiration. Pinterest is loaded with works of digital artists and if you are looking for some inspiration search through the lot can be quite cumbersome.

So, to ease things for you, we have compiled a list of 10 Pinterest accounts you should follow.

  1. Christopher King: He is an illustrator and designer based in Bristol, UK. He creates designs, both hand-drawn and digital, for posters, books, flyers etc. He also runs the stock illustration website wingsart.net. King’s designs have been featured in blogs, magazines, iPad games, and film festivals.
  2. Mike Dew: This Philadelphia based graphic designer has about 3.3 million followers on Pinterest and his board cover Design, Typography, Illustrative, Cartography and many more.
  3. Nick Karn: If you love pop art, then this is one board you should never miss. The board is loaded with graphic artwork in areas such as comics, movies, fashion, technology and many more. He is a Designer, Photographer, Illustrator, and Letterpress Printer. You can also find some nerd pins, graffiti, vinyl toys, interior design and so much more.
  4. Maia McDonald: She is a designer and online curator, the Co-founder of Bitte bitteshop.com and Art director at Rue magazine. She has about 44,596 pins on her board. Her boards include Artwork and Illustrations, Photography, Home Inspiration and many more. Her Pinterest account has 4m monthly viewers.
  5. Handsome Frank: A UK based illustration agency which showcases the talents of some of the finest contemporary artists in the world. Works of Jean Jullien, Stephen Cheetham, Alexis Tyrsa, and Sarah Maycock is well represented here. The boards display individual works of these artists and also the work of Handsome Frank as an agency.
  6. Tad Carpenter: He is a designer and illustrator from Kansas City, USA. He is also a partner at Carpenter Collective, a design and branding studio. His boards will serve as an inspiration in areas such as Type faces, Graphic Design, Retro Pop, Logos & Marks etc. He has over 84,000 followers on Pinterest.
  7. Brandon Lesley: A designer, photographer and creative director from Texas, he is also a music nerd and documenter of fine design. He has a fantastic range of boards some of them are, photography/cinematography, Graphic Design/Typography/Illustration, Fashion etc. Over 620,000 people follow him on Pinterest.
  8. Design Quixotic: Thea Kennedy from California, is an award-winning art director and designer who is known on Pinterest as Design Quixotic. She has about 81 boards on different themes and 3m monthly viewers. She has over 9000 pins on her board Graphic Design.
  9. Paula Cevasco: A graphic designer, UI designer and music lover with 9.6 monthly viewers, Paula Cevasco’s have a lot of pins on her board Fashion, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Typography, Photography, and Web design. One can get some cool ideas from her Craft, Sewing and DIY boards.
  10. Danny Blanton: He is a creative director with 32K followers and 473.7k monthly viewers. He has over 8000 pins on his typography board and over 3000 pins on the Art/Illustration board.


These are some of Pinterest accounts that you can check out if you are really interested in Art, Design or Illustration. We have just listed a few. Feel free to explore a stream of artists, boards and pins on Pinterest.

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