3 Best Gifts for Your Artist Friend

Do you have a friend who is an artist? Are you thinking about gifting him something to appreciate and encourage his drawing? Be it his birthday, holiday or you just want to express your love towards that person gifting something that will benefit your artist friend is a good idea. But, are you confused what to buy them? Don’t worry! We will help you out. We have listed below three essential items required by an artist. Reading the below post will give you an idea what to gift the artist in your life. 

  1. Graphics Tablet: It goes without saying that a graphics tablet is indeed an important tool for an artist. Where else can they work freely and at the same time have their works stored digitally? A graphics tablet comes in different sizes depending upon the active area for drawing. When choosing a tablet for your friend you should take into consideration various factors. If he is a beginner or the purpose is for home use, then a small graphics tablet would suffice. Mid-sized and large graphics tablets are preferred by professionals as it gives them more area to work on. It will be also good to know that if your friend suffers from Carpal Tunnel syndrome which causes pain, tingling or numbing sensation on the wrists due to repetitive hand or wrist movements for a prolonged period of time. If yes, then a smaller tablet would be better as there is less strain and movement is involved.
  2. Smart Pen: A smart pen is another item that you can gift your artist friend. A smartpen is a device which can capture the strokes you make and translate them into digital art. Basically, anything you draw with this pen gets recorded digitally. This device can be used for drawing, sketching or designing. Just like a pen, it is easy to hold and comfortable to work with. Simply with the ease of using a pen, everything gets recorded easily. The digital camera on the tip of the pen records every movement you make on the special paper filled with microscopic dots. As the pen is moved around on the paper through the dots the position of the dots is recorded by the camera. Since you need ink to draw, a smartpen is equipped with ink cartridge near the camera. These pens can store the recorded data or it can be transferred to a computer via USB. There are many smartpens available in the market with different features. Some are comfortable to use and doesn’t require any charging. Some others work on any kind of paper and provide great results in terms of accuracy; while others can work for long hours and are easy to set up. Choose carefully the one that you think is best for your friend.
  3. 3D pen: This device enables an artist to move his drawing skills from a paper to a three-dimensional platform. 3D pens come in two different variants: thermoplastic and cool UV ink. A filament of plastic is inserted into a thermoplastic pen, the filament gets heated inside and what comes out is a liquid form of plastic. Once the liquid plastic is out of the pen it solidifies. One can make different forms of structures with this pen. So, you get a solid shape of the item your draw in the air. The cool UV ink altogether eliminates the factor of heating the plastic to form a liquid. The ink is basically in liquid form which dries and hardens once it gets in contact with UV light. If your friend is a creative genius, then gifting a 3D Pen means that a lot of 3D masterpieces are sure to turn out.

These are the three devices that you can gift your artist friend. Gift them these items on any special day or on any occasion and show them that you are supportive of their talent and you encourage them to reach more heights.

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