Top 5 Christmas Gifts for illustrators

Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone is excited to celebrate this festive season. You might be planning your Christmas itineraries to be with your family or preparing your home to welcome your guests for Christmas. Whatever be your plans there is no denying the fact that the Christmas season is a busy time. No matter how busy you are you should always make time to take care of yourself. This may include pampering yourself by buying something for you.

If you are an artist and can’t wrap your idea what to buy yourself this Christmas season, we are here to guide you. We have saved yourself the trouble of racking your brains thinking about the perfect Christmas gift for yourself, by compiling a list of gadgets that you need to buy this Christmas.

  1. Parblo A610 plus: This drawing tablet from Parblo can be your best pick when it comes to buying something for yourself. Being an artist yourself, Parblo A610 plus can help you unleash your creativity with its wide active area. It has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity which means you get precise and accurate strokes when you draw. And the best thing about this drawing tablet is that it has ten customizable express keys all of which can be assigned a specific task to perform as you see fit.

  2. Arrtx Acrylic Marker Set: This 24 color marker set from Arrtx is suitable for artists of any age, be it an adult or a kid. It can be used on a variety of different surfaces like canvas, mugs, glass, ceramics, and wood. The colors are highly pigmented and dry fast. As an artist, you can happily use this product as it is odorless and non-toxic.

  3. Parblo A640: With 6″ x 4″ active area this drawing tablet from Parblo is easy to use and portable. It has four customizable express keys which can perform specific functions so that you can speed up your workflow. The stylus pen has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity which provides you with smooth and precise lines. It can be used for a number of different purposes like digital signature, document editing, photo editing, illustrator creation, graphic design etc.

  4. Arrtx Watercolor Brush Marker: It comes in 48 different colors which are all water-based ink and blendable. The flexible brush tip allows easy painting, drawing, and coloring. One can easily create thick or thin lines with the soft flexible brush tip. It is also best for doodling, sketching, calligraphy, comic illustration and more. The brush provides great precision so that all your drawings are neat and fuss-free.

  5. Arrtx 3D Fabric Paint: This 3D fabric paint set contains 24 assorted colors which can be used on surfaces like fabric, wood, canvas, glass or ceramic. It is suitable for beginners and the best part is that it dries permanent, so don’t worry even if you throw them in the washing machine. The paint is non-toxic and also works on denim, t-shirts, backpacks, etc.

So now you know what to buy, don’t waste any more time thinking and go out and buy yourself these items. And if you are too busy to go out, then you can buy them online!. Make yourself happy this Christmas season.


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